New Releases of the Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox for Python and Matlab/Octave

New versions of our Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox are available for Matlab/Octave and Python.

This release fixes small bugs, removes obsolete local WFS functions and introduces optional logarithmic spacing of linear secondary sources. For documentation see Download SFS Toolbox 2.4.2 for Matlab.


NEWS (SFS Toolbox for Matlab 2.4.2)

  • extend signal_from_spectrum and spectrum_from_signal to N-dim matrices
  • remove obsolete *_localwfs functions
  • add optional logarithmic spacing for linear secondary sources

This release introduces WFS driving functions in the time domain and an image source model for a point source in the frequency domain. For documentation see
You can install the toolbox via pip install sfs, see

NEWS (SFS Toolbox for Python 0.4.0)

  • Driving functions in time domain for a plane wave, point source, and focused source
  • Image source model for a point source in a rectangular room
  • DelayedSignal class and as_delayed_signal()
  • Spherical Hankel function as util.spherical_hn2
  • Use spherical_jn, spherical_yn from scipy.special instead of sph_jnyn
  • Generalization of the modal order argument in mono.source.point_modal()
  • Rename util.normal_vector() to util.normalize_vector()
  • Add parameter max_order to NFCHOA driving functions
  • Add beta parameter to Kaiser tapering window
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