Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox 2.2.1 released

Since our last announcement here at, two new releases of the Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox for Matlab/Octave have happend. The highlights of the new versions include a new online documentation at and a new online theory documentation at, which is directly linked in the corresponding code sections. Other big changes include a switch to the MIT license, more fractional delay methods, a new linear interpolation method for HRTFs and an update to the default WFS driving functions.

Download the SFS Toolbox 2.2.1 and have a look at the online documentation how to use it.

Documentation Status

NEWS (2.2.1)

- fix delayoffset for FIR fractional delay filter
- add findconvexcone()
- simplify convolution()
- add linear interpolation working in the frequency domain
- fix pm option for delayline()

NEWS (2.2.0)

- fix impulse response interpolation for three points
- add the ability to apply modal weighting window to NFC-HOA in time domain
- change license to MIT
- update delayline() config settings
- add Lagrange and Thiran filters to delayline()
- replace wavread and warwrite by audioread and savewav
- convolution() excepts now two matrices as input
- allow headphone compensation filter to be a one- or two-channel wav file
- add new online doc at
- fix greens_function_mono() for plane wave and 3D
- replace by
- update default WFS driving functions
- add links to equations in online theory at

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