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Using the RME MADIface on Linux

If you want to use the RME MADIface on Linux, it probably doesn’t work right away. The latest version of ALSA (1.0.24) – which is probably already installed on your computer – is from January 2011. However, there was a lot … Continue reading

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Updating multiple SVN working copies at once.

This is not really audio related, but maybe someone is interested anyway … We use Subversion (SVN) for several different things — software, papers, scripts — and one of the most common tasks is to update working copies all over … Continue reading

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An introduction to Gnuplot

For all of you who are looking for an alternative to plotting with Matlab or a tool to create very nice looking plots, Gnuplot is waiting for you. Since the early days of my studies I’ve been using Gnuplot and … Continue reading

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Matlab like Bash history

In Matlab you can just type the first letters of a used command and press the arrow up key to get it back. In Bash you can do the same, but you have to press page up instead of arrow … Continue reading

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