Happy Christmas 2014

Some time ago we have published an approach to the synthesis of sound figures. A surrounding three-dimensional loudspeaker array can be used to synthesize an (more or less) arbitrary shaped zone with higher sound level.  See what we have simulated these days soundfigure_xmas


The sound field has been synthesized by a cubic array consisting of 21,600 point sources (60×60 with a spacing of 10 centimeters at each side). The shape of the figure has been defined by a PNG image. The desired sound field is a monocromatic plane wave with 2000 Hz, an incidence angle of 90 degrees in the horizontal plane and 45 degrees in elevation. Shown is the xy-plane for z=0.

We are currently active in porting the SFS-Toolbox from MATLAB to Python. The Python SFS-Toolbox together with source code for the synthesis of sound figures is available on GitHub. Have fun in creating your own fancy sound figures. Happy Christmas!

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