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Demo of the Equatorial Microphone Array

Here’s a demo of the EMA (incl. head tracking and elevated sounds): Refer to this post for more information on the EMA.

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Article: The Equatorial Microphone Array for Binaural Rendering

We proudly announce that the Journal of the Acoustical Society has just published our proposition of the equatorial microphone array (EMA): DOI: 10.1121/10.0005754  [ pdf ] The EMA is essentially a spherical microphone array (SMA) but with microphones only along the equator. Our … Continue reading

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Special Session on Virtual Acoustics at AIA-DAGA 2013

The technical program of the AIA-DAGA 2013 — Conference on Acoustics is available for download (PDF). Franz Zotter, Filippo Fazi, Angelo Farina and myself have organized a special session on virtual acoustics. We have received more than 30 contributions which … Continue reading

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DIY low-cost head-tracker

We have published a tutorial and firmware which allows to put together a low-cost Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that can be used as a head-tracker for virtual acoustics. A wired version of the tracker (connected via USB), as … Continue reading

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Special session on “Virtual Acoustics” at the Annual Convention for Acoustics (aka DAGA)

I have called for contributions to a special session on “Virtual Acoustics” to be held at the Annual Convention of Acoustics (Jahrestagung für Akustik, DAGA) in Düsseldorf. A lot of proposals (more than 20) have been sumitted. Take a look … Continue reading

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