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Demo of the Equatorial Microphone Array

Here’s a demo of the EMA (incl. head tracking and elevated sounds): Refer to this post for more information on the EMA.

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Article: The Equatorial Microphone Array for Binaural Rendering

We proudly announce that the Journal of the Acoustical Society has just published our proposition of the equatorial microphone array (EMA): DOI: 10.1121/10.0005754  [ pdf ] The EMA is essentially a spherical microphone array (SMA) but with microphones only along the equator. Our … Continue reading

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Talk: Simulating Room Acoustics

Sascha Spors gave a talk on the simulation of ear signals using the binaural simulator of the two!ears project. The simulator is available as open source, as well as the two!ears auditory model.

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Paper: Parameter Analysis for Range Extrapolation of Head-Related Transfer Functions using Virtual Local Wave Field Synthesis

At the 41st German Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA) we presented the contribution Winter, F.; Spors, S. : “Parameter Analysis for Range Extrapolation of Head-Related Transfer Functions using Virtual Local Wave Field Synthesis”. In Proc. of the 41. Jahrestagung für … Continue reading

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Spatial audio impulse response compilation

Benjamin Bernschütz from the Laboratory for Acoustics, Audio Technology and Audio Signal Processing of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences has released a set of acoustic measurements under the Creative Commons license. The released data includes spatial impulses captured at … Continue reading

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Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics (SOFA)

At the current state, head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) are stored in a multitude of different formats.This holds also for other spatially oriented acoustic data, for instance impulse responses captured by spherical microphone arrays or directivity patterns of loudspeakers/microphones. This makes … Continue reading

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