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Demo of the Equatorial Microphone Array

Here’s a demo of the EMA (incl. head tracking and elevated sounds): Refer to this post for more information on the EMA.

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Article: The Equatorial Microphone Array for Binaural Rendering

We proudly announce that the Journal of the Acoustical Society has just published our proposition of the equatorial microphone array (EMA): DOI: 10.1121/10.0005754  [ pdf ] The EMA is essentially a spherical microphone array (SMA) but with microphones only along the equator. Our … Continue reading

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Article: Spatial perception of sound fields recorded by spherical microphone arrays with varying spatial resolution

This article presents an experimental study of spatial sound perception with the use of a spherical microphone array for sound recording and headphone-based binaural sound synthesis. Sound field analysis and processing is performed in the spherical harmonics domain with the … Continue reading

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Paper: How to Design a Delay-and-Sum Beamformer for Rigid Rotationally Symmetric Arrays?

Karim Helwani has presented a paper at the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers on beamforming algorithms for microphone arrays with acoustically rigid surfaces. Principles from Wave Field Synthesis and time-reversal acoustics are used to derive computationally efficient and … Continue reading

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