Listening examples for the paper “A comparison of phase-mode versus delay-and-sum beamforming in the context of data-based binaural synthesis”

At the 132nd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society we presented the paper

S. Spors, H. Wierstorf, and M. Geier. Comparison of modal versus delay-and-sum beamforming in the context of data-based binaural synthesis. In 132th AES Convention. Audio Engineering Society (AES), April 2012.

The presentation slides are available here.

This post provides listening examples for the comparison of modal (MB) and delay-and-sum (DSB) beamforming when used as plane wave decomposition for binaural synthesis. The stimuli have been computed as described in the paper for spatially continuous and sampled spherical microphone arrays. Additionally for modal beamforming the maximum order of the spherical harmonics has been varied in the spatially continuous case. As source material noise bursts, speech and castanets have been used. The examples are provided for various incidence angles, as stereo sound files optimized for the AKG K-601 headphone. The file names encode the conditions and incidence angle.

Download the samples for

by following the links.

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