Paper: The Two!Ears Database

At the 142nd Audio Engineering Society Convention conference we presented the contribution:

F. Winter, H. Wierstorf, A. Raake, and S. Spors, “The Two!Ears Database,” in Proc. of 142nd Aud. Eng. Soc. Conv., 2017.

The Poster can be found here.

TWO!EARS was an EU-funded project for binaural auditory modelling with ten international partners involved. Its main goal was to provide a computational framework for the modelling of active exploratory listening that assigns meaning to auditory scenes. As one outcome of the project, a database including data acquired by the involved partners as well as third-party measurements has been published. Among others, a large collection of Head Related Impulse Responses and Binaural Room Impulse Responses is part of the database. Further, results from psychoacoustic experiments conducted within TWO!EARS to validate the developed auditory model were added. For the usage of the database together with the TWO!EARS model, a software interface was developed to download the data from the database on demand.

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