Paper: Time-Domain Realisation of Model-Based Rendering for 2.5D Local Wave Field Synthesis Using Spatial Bandwidth-Limitation

At the 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) conference we presented the contribution:

Winter, F.; Hahn, N; Spors, S. (2017): “Time-Domain Realisation of Model-Based Rendering for 2.5D Local Wave Field Synthesis Using Spatial Bandwidth-Limitation.” In: Proc. of the 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 2017.

The slides and additional material can be found here.

Wave Field Synthesis aims at a physically accurate synthesis of a desired sound field inside an extended listening area. This area is surrounded by loudspeakers individually driven by their respective driving signal. Recently, the authors have published an approach for so-called Local Wave Field Synthesis which enhances the reproduction accuracy in a limited region by applying a spatial bandwidth limitation in the circular/spherical harmonics domain to the desired sound field. This paper presents an efficient time-domain realisation of the mentioned approach for 2.5-dimensional synthesis scenarios. It focuses on the model-based rendering of virtual plane waves and point sources. As an outcome, the parametric representation of the driving signals for both source types allows for the reproduction of time-varying acoustic scenarios. This also includes an adaptation to the tracked position of a moving listener. The realisation is compared with conventional Wave Field Synthesis regarding the spatial structure and spectral properties of the reproduced sound field. The results confirm the findings of the prior publication, that the reproduction accuracy can be locally improved with Local Wave Field Synthesis.

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