Thesis: Local Sound Field Synthesis

The doctoral thesis
Fiete Winter (2019): “Local Sound Field Synthesis”, University of Rostock, DOI: 10.18453/rosdok_id00002568 was finally released. The code repository for all figures is available at with the corresponding citable snapshot DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3543537.

This thesis investigates the physical and perceptual properties of selected methods for (Local) Sound Field Synthesis ((L)SFS). First, the mathematical foundations of the approaches are discussed. Special attention is drawn to the implementation of the methods in the discrete-time domain as a consequence of digital signal processing. The influence of their parametrisation on the properties of the synthesised sound field is examined on a qualitative level. A geometric model is developed to predict spatial aliasing artefacts caused by the spatial discretisation of the deployed loudspeaker arrays. In agreement with numerical sound field simulations, the geometric model shows an increase of synthesis accuracy for LSFS compared to conventional SFS approaches. However, the difference in accuracy gets smaller, the closer the listener is located to the active loudspeakers.
With the help of binaural synthesis, the different (L)SFS approaches are assessed within listening experiments targeting their spatial and timbral fidelity. The results show that LSFS performs at least as good as conventional methods for azimuthal sound source localisation. A significant increase of timbral fidelity is achieved with distinct parametrisations of the LSFS approaches.

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