Audio Examples for the Paper “Perceptual Evaluation of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis”, 128th AES Conv., London.

This post contains supplementary audio examples for the paper:

Geier, Wierstorf, Ahrens, Wechsung, Raake, Spors: Perceptual Evaluation of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis. 128th AES Convention, London, May 2010.

Please use headphones to appreciate the spatial information!

The provided files are named using the following scheme:

<array length>_<radius>_<angle>_<input sound>.wav

Array length is 4 meters or 10 meters; the radius (= distance from the focused source) is 1 and 4 meters, respectively. The focused source is always located one meter in front of the loudspeaker array. The angle is 0, 30 or 60 degrees. The input sound is either castanets or female speech.

The geometry of the experiment is shown in the following figure.

Sketch of the geometry used in the experiment

In addition, there are also 2 reference stimuli, ref_phi0_speech.wav and ref_phi0_castanets.wav using plain HRTFs for the frontal direction.

You can download a ZIP-file with all audio examples.

More detailed information can be found in the paper and in the slides.

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