Audio examples for paper “Ahrens, Geier, Spors: Perceptual Assessment of Delay Accuracy and Loudspeaker Misplacement in Wave Field Synthesis. 128th AES Convention”

On this post you find audio examples for the experiments presented in the paper

Jens Ahrens, Matthias Geier, Sascha Spors: Perceptual assessment of delay accuracy and loudspeaker misplacement in Wave Field Synthesis. 128th Convention of the AES, London, UK, May 22-25, 2010 [ pdf ] .

NOTE THAT THESE EXAMPLES ARE INTENDED FOR HEADPHONE REPRODUCTION!!! The examples contain the signals for 0° orientation of the listener (i.e. straight forward).

Download zipped files for delay accuracy experiment.

Download zipped files for radius accuracy experiment.

Download zipped files for random radial displacement experiment.

The file names are composed of the input signal, listening position, delay accuracy, and the radius which is employed in the calculation of the driving function. If applicable also the displacement range is indicated. Parameters are explained in the paper.

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