Book on Sound Field Synthesis

I proudly announce that some time ago, I submitted the manuscript of a monography on sound field synthesis to Springer who will publish it under the title Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis in spring 2012. You can find the official announcement here.
The book is not only a mere copy-and-paste of our papers. All our own work has been significantly enhanced in didactical terms and, of course, all relevant works of other authors and a considerable amount of previously unpublished material are included. Besides the physical fundamentals and spatial discretization (e.g., spatial aliasing), extensive discussions of various applications of sound field synthesis such as moving virtual sound sources, focused virtual sound sources, etc. and a variety of practical aspects are discussed. I have also put some effort in clarifying the relationship between Ambisonics and Wave Field Synthesis.

MATLAB/Octave scripts for all simulations contained in the book will be provided at

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