Paper: Physical Properties of Local Wave Field Synthesis Using Linear Loudspeaker Arrays

At the 138th AES convention we presented the contribution
Winter, F.; Spors, S. : “Physical Properties of Local Wave Field Synthesis Using Linear Loudspeaker Arrays“. In: Proc. of the 138th Audio Eng. Soc. Convention, Warsaw, #9321.

Wave Field Synthesis aims at a physically accurate synthesis of a desired sound field inside an extended listening area. Due to limitations of practical loudspeaker setups, the accuracy of this sound field synthesis technique over the entire listening area is limited. Local Wave Field Synthesis narrows the spatial extent down to a local listening area in order to improve the reproduction accuracy inside this limited region. Recently an method has been published, which utilizes focused sources as a distribution of more densely placed virtual secondary sources around the local area. Within this paper, an analytical framework is established to analyze the physical properties of this approach for linear loudspeaker setups.

The presentation slides can be found here.

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