Paper: Discussion of the Wavefront Sculpture Technology criteria for straight line arrays

At the upcoming 138th AES convention we will present the paper

Schultz, F.; Straube, F.; Spors, S. (2015): “Discussion of the Wavefront Sculpture Technology criteria for straight line arrays.” In: Proc. of the 138th Audio Eng. Soc. Convention, Warsaw, #9323.
Wavefront Sculpture Technology introduced line source arrays for large scale sound reinforcement, aiming at the synthesis of highly spatial-aliasing free sound fields for full audio bandwidth. The paper revisits this technology and its criteria for straight arrays using a signal processing model from sound field synthesis. Since the latest array designs exhibit very small driver distances, the sampling condition for grating lobe free electronic beam forming regains special interest. Furthermore, a discussion that extends the initial derivations of the spatial lowpass characteristics of circular and line pistons and line pistons with wavefront curvature applied in subarrays is given.

See the 3rd chapter of my doctoral thesis, for a very detailed treatment.
The slides of the talk can be downloaded here.

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