Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox 0.2 released

We are happy to announce the first public and open source release of our Sound Field Synthesis (SFS) Toolbox. It is a toolbox for Matlab/Octave to numerical simulate different SFS methods like Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) or higher order Ambisonics (HOA). It provides a variety of functions to reach mono-frequent and spatio-temporal impulse responses for different array geometries and driving functions.

You can find the sources and documentation on the corresponding SFS Toolbox site.

Note that there are two bugs in the current version, and one of them will prevent you from plotting the results. Have a look at the corresponding wiki page how to fix this.

To demonstrate some of the features of the toolbox, below an image of a mono-frequent plane wave synthesized using WFS and a linear loudspeaker array is shown. The different colors of the speakers at the ends of the array visualize the applied tapering window.

plane wave, synthesized using WFS and a linear loudspeaker array

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