Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox 1.2.0 released

A new release of the Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox for Matlab/Octave is available. This will be the last release without SOFA support, so the main concern was bug fixing. Beside that the other highlight is the inclusion of a new PDF documentation that provides a mathematical treatment of the underlying theory and derives all the driving functions used in the Toolbox.

Download the SFS Toolbox, PDF documentation and have a look at the tutorial on github how to use it.



- add PDF documentation "Theory of Sound Field Synthesis"
- fix remaining usegnuplot config entry
- change default dB color map to chromajs
- add missing hgls2 functionality (fractional delays)
- add cubehelix and chromajs color maps
- remove noise() function, use the one from the LTFAT Toolbox instead

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