Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox 2.0.0 released

A new release of the Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox for Matlab/Octave is available. The highlights of the new version include support of the SOFA file format for HRIRs and BRIRs, usage of custom grids for sound field simulations, and a plotting routine for 3D sound fields.

This new version of the Toolbox enables you to listen to a binaural simulation of our 64-channel loudspeaker array at the University of Rostock.


Download the SFS Toolbox 2.0.0, PDF documentation and have a look at the tutorial on github how to use it.

NOTE: this version of the SFS Toolbox is no longer compatible with the old irs mat-file based file format for HRIRs and BRIRs. If you want still to use these one, you have to use SFS Toolbox 1.2.0, which is the latest version released using the old file format.


- add support for SOFA
- add SOFA convention SimpleFreeFieldHRIR
- add SOFA convention MultiSpeakerBRIR
- calculate integration weights (x0(:,7)) of secondary sources based on their
distances to their neighbours
- add rounded-box as new loudspeaker array geometry
- fix bugs in local sound field synthesis time domain implementation
- speedup local sound field synthesis processing by fewer calls to
- add heuristic to find a good local wave field synthesis pre-filter
- loudspeaker geometry can now be read from a SOFA file
- now custom grids can be used during sound field simulations
- add 3D plot routine
- change plot_sound_field(P,x,y,z) to plot_sound_field(P,X,Y,Z)
- normalization of sound field now only happens in plot_sound_field(); this
comes with the new config option conf.plot.normalisation
- remove interaural_level_difference() and interaural_time_difference()
- change default config setting to false
- lots of small bug fixes

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