Thesis: Perceptual Assessment of Sound Field Synthesis

After a few years I finally managed to end my PhD thesis and published it under CC BY 3.0:
Hagen Wierstorf – Perceptual Assessment of Sound Field Synthesis


It derives different sound field synthesis driving functions for Wave Field Synthesis and Near-Field Compensated Higher Order Ambisonics. Further more, lots of different psycho-acoustic tests are presented which investigate perceptual aspects such as coloration, localization and artifacts. Finally, an adapted binaural model predicts the localization results and can also be used to predict localization accuracy of newly planed loudspeaker array setups.

Beside the PDF of the thesis there exists a repository on github where you can find erratas and all the Matlab/Octave scripts that were used to create the figures in the thesis, including sound field synthesis simulations, data from listening tests, and auditory modeling. Every figure comes with its own directory including all the needed scripts and an explanation how to reproduce the figure.


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