Timetable for the ICSA 2011 is Online

The timetable for the International Conference on Spatial Audio 2011 in Detmold/Germany is now online:

ICSA 2011 Timetable (PDF)

The conference emphasizes the scientific and technical aspects of spatial audio, but a number of workshops and presentations will be devoted to the artistic and esthetic possibilities and challenges as well.

In addition to five structured sessions on various spatial audio topics, the conference will feature installations of WFS + Height, Auro-3D, Binaural and Higher-order Ambisonic systems. During a three-day recording session last week totalling more than 140 microphone signals, we have recorded several chamber music ensembles simultaneously for all those methods and will offer conference participants a first-hand opportunity for comparison.

Complementing the two fixed WFS installations available in Detmold, an additional temporary 40-speaker setup will be rigged for WFS and Higher-order Ambisonics reproduction, and one seminar room will be equipped for 9+2 channel Auro-3D playback.

Registration is now open, and I’d be delighted to see you in Detmold in November!


This announcement has been provided by Jörn Nettingsmeier

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