Auditory Modelling Toolbox (AMT) 0.2 released

A new version of the growing Auditory Modelling Toolbox has been released. The main new feature is a binaural model after Lindemann (1986a) that uses a running cross-correlation with inhibition to predict the perceived lateralization of an auditory event. The output of the model depends on the auditory filters and on the time (see figure below).

To install it, you can download it from Sourceforge. You also have to install the Linear Time/frequency Toolbox. Then in Matlab or Octave just go to the directories of the toolboxes and run:

>> ltfatstart
>> amtstart

After this you are able to use the Lindemann model, see help lindemann for an introduction. To produce the figure below, you can run:

>> demo_lindemann;

Another very nice feature is the function exp_lindemann1986a that is able to reproduce the figures of the Lindemann paper. For example to reproduce figure 6 of the paper, just type exp_lindemann('fig6'). The model is under further development and will include in the next release a version of the method proposed by Gaik (1993) to identify natural combinations of ITDs and ILDs. Further a version of the Breebaart model will also be included in one of the next releases.

Binaural activation map

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